Andre Catic, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator

My research interests center on the immune system, bone marrow stem cells, and cancers of the blood. These areas of focus have been prompted by my prior medical and scientific training.

In Germany, I completed my medical studies at the University of Ulm prior to a residency in internal medicine with emphasis on hematology, oncology and tumor-immunology at the Charité Hospital and the Max Delbrück Center.

My scientific career began in the lab of Dr. S.H.E. Kaufmann where I worked on development of vaccines to elicit a cytotoxic T cell response. Following PhD studies in immunology in the laboratory of Dr. Hidde Ploegh at Harvard and M.I.T., I completed post-doctoral research with Dr. David Scadden’s group, where I investigated blood stem cell aging and gene regulation through protein elimination.

Since transferring to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX in 2014, my lab has continued to study the hematopoietic system with a mechanistic focus on how protein biology dictates the fate and function of these cells.

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Charles Lee
Undergraduate Student

Polina Iakova, MS
Laboratory Manager

Laure Maneix, PhD

Shannon Moree
Graduate Student

Melanie Sweeney
Graduate Student